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Cloud infrastructure with multiple redundancies that eliminate all single points of failure.

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No single security breach since the establishment of LinkUpHost.

Here are some common questions about
LinkUpHost ForexVPS

Q: What is Forex VPS? Why I would need Forex VPS?

A: It is a Virtual Private Server specially designed and built for Forex traders and a computer server you can use for any of your Forex terminals, EA and indicators that you want to use in your trading as well run 24/7/365. Instead of running them on your computer, you can choose to use Forex VPS and have that Forex VPS run them. Forex trading requires you to have your mt4 terminal and EA running to modify orders and have price move to break even or lock in profit. There are a lot of factors that go into running mt4 terminals and charts from a laptop or computer and a few of the major issues that could become a problem, should they not work properly are:
– Internet failure and outage.
– Electricity outage.
– Computer failure or laptop overheating.
The solution is LinkUpHost ForexVPS.

Q: How many mt4 terminals I can run on LinkUpHost Forex VPS service plans?

A: There's no a straight forward connection between the number of the terminals and a service plan.
This is an individually case-by-case and depends on many different factors like:
- Expert Advisors you are using (and how many). What memory and CPU power needs single instance of EA.
- What indicators you are using (and how many).
- How many charts you are using.
- What templates are being used.
- What scripts are being used and so on.
For example some of EAs need 4GB memory per single instance.
As a common suggestion if you are only using 2 mt4 terminals, then the basic package should be adequate.
The most popular plan is Forex VPS 44.

Q: Can I upgrade LinkUpHost Forex VPS without interrupting my up and running mt4 terminals?

A: You could request anytime an upgrade from the current Forex VPS plan to a more powerful one. Forex VPS upgrade is hot-plug and will be done without Windows restart, change of files or settings and all terminals will run without interrupting. The upgrade request will create an invoice. The upgrade price is calculated from the billing software so you would pay only the difference until the end of the current paid billing period.

Q: I don't have experience with Forex VPS. How much technical knowledge do I need?

A: Forex VPS by LinkUpHost is very easy to use, as you will be using Remote Desktop software to connect and face Windows desktop. Remote Desktop is a built-in tool in every Windows instance. We also provide step by step how to connect from different editions of Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android to Forex VPS. We also could recommend the excellent complete guide to Forex VPS by ForexSchoolOnline if that is your first time experience with Forex VPS.

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