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LinkUpHost is the outstanding provider with a clear price-performance leadership in the Forex VPS and cloud hosting. We are offering readily adjustable private cloud computing platform, Forex VPS, dedicated servers, collocation and custom virtual private servers. LinkUpHost delivers their clients valuable, flexible, business-critical VPS hosting, thus improving their productivity and operating efficiency. Our business success depends on our commitment to our customers for quality and failure-free service delivery.

We do not resell services from other providers. We are not selling our services through third parties.

We have gained trust from many customers across the world with our services and support. We offer large Tier4 colocation, networking and cloud capabilities to our international internet clients. We believe that leveraging each investment made in Forex VPS is extremely important, particularly in today’s current business and economic climate, as it lets you focus on your core activities. A Datacenter contains the most valuable asset of any customer — its business ICT — and we at LinkUpHost believe that running these Datacenter infrastructures and their related hardware and networks should not be part of a business’s core activities and can be delegated to a specialized service company like ours.

We have invested significant time, money and effort into state-of-the-art Data Center,
technologies and world-class team.
LinkUpHost has been successfully serving hundreds customers with:
- State-of-the-art Tier 4 Datacenter;
- Full professional ICT support services;
- Highly scalable, resilient private cloud computing environment;
- National backbone and international IP routes to major Internet locations;
- A clear price-performance leadership;
- Trustworthy security standards and operational procedures.

The Datacenter is on strategic crossroad location between Europe and Asia:
Tier design 4
Typical power load 1150 W/m2
Raised floor load (minimum) 1500 kg/m2
UPS systems 2 (N+1)
UPS autonomy > 25 minutes
Transformer 2N
Auxiliary power generator 2N
Auxiliary power autonomy > 48 hours
Cooling systems 2N
Plenum cooling up to 7.5 kW/rack
In-Row cooling 5 – 10 kW/rack
Air sampling & early smoke detection Yes
Fire suppression & extinction Neutral gas (N2)
Water leakage detection Yes
Multilevel intrusion detection Yes
Perimeter surveillance Yes
Security guard on-site 24 x 7
Security guard OFF-SITE 24 x 7
Central monitoring Yes
Operational data reporting Yes
Telecom operator diversity Yes
Carrier meet-me rooms 2
Uptime commitment 99.99%

International independent network. Our international networking services rely on optical networks between our datacenter and the internet exchanges in London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and Paris. Our services are provided directly on the Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) layer interconnecting with locations or points of presence throughout Europe. The fiber network design strives to minimize latency and risk, hence opting for the shortest achievable path and avoiding a critical number of parallel segments used by other international carriers.

Today’s high-performance businesses demand a high-performance network infrastructure that provides fast, secure and reliable delivery of the applications that drive business processes. Out Datacenter core, distribution and access networks are based on Juniper EX Series Switches and M Series routers.

Enterprise computing All Forex VPSs are hosted on Dell PowerEdge servers running Xeon Processors, powered by VMware vSphere and award-winning Dell Compellent storage arrays. Speed, reliability and performance define our VPS computing platform.